Do you wish to save money on local delivery or deliveries City to City?

Do you have packages that you need to send locally or at a distance? 

Are you more than frustrated with the price of local delivery or delivery City to City?

Then this app is the app for you!

Does Simple easy-to-use app will connect you and your packages with local delivery drivers that are willing to make your deliveries.

You can sign up your account and post your delivery and choose your price that you wish to pay to have your product delivered. In town or city to City.

For example, you have a package that you’ve ordered to be picked up in the next town over. You are willing to pay $10 for someone to bring it to you. You post your description of what it is, how much it weighs, and where you would like it picked up and dropped off to.

Our pre-screen drivers are ready to take on your deliveries. You set the time and the urgency of your delivery. Your package will be posted on a site where the drivers can choose your package and you can choose the driver to bring the product to you.

Do you require a car, truck, or SUV?

You can specify this on the app. If it is something that you can wait you can choose a cheaper price. It is something that you need urgently you should price your delivery a little higher. But ultimately the price you choose is what you pay for your delivery. Our drivers are pre-screened and have given a deposit. 

Download this app and sign up your account and start saving money today on shipping!!!